‘Interstellar’: A journey between stars


Christopher Nolan, the creator of Inception and The Dark Night trilogy, seeks intricate and massive scale plots in his films; the seasoned director’s panache continues with his new hit “Interstellar.”

This title does well in describing this epic space adventure starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and many other a-list actors as per usual to a Christopher Nolan production.

Nolan raised his standards of complexity tackling the theory of relativity, black holes, and traveling to different dimensions in the three-hour movie; granted it is a little dense and a strong focus is required, but it is all too rewarding.

Sure, Nolan may make his own conclusions behind the math of relativity or the science behind black holes but every movie bends the rules a bit; Nolan just bends the universe.

“Interstellar” had me glued to the screen and ready to throw a blunt object at anyone who dare distract from the experience.

Nolan, a guru of characterization, struck gold with the unique relationships of his characters like a father leaving his daughter, played by Jessica Chastain, on Earth knowing she will age years in mere hours in space, or an astronaut who has been alone on a distant planet for years, played by Matt Damon.

Set in a futuristic Earth where the planet is dying and a new planet must be found for the survival of the human race, Nolan nearly defines what it is to be human while praising the ideas of hope and especially love.

From humorous robots to his depiction of a black hole, Nolan’s imagination can mesmerize even those with the most colorful of minds.

This movie is a ride full of twists and turns that lead to such an epic scale, no other movie can compare to its distance traveled; quite literally.

McConaughey and Hathaway rise to the challenge of their difficult roles juggling emotions straight from scene one on this thrill ride.

“Interstellar” redefines what a film can do and what it can mean. It is inspiring at the human level, really celebrating the beauty of what life can be.

Sounds like I’m sugar coating a bit? Go ahead, give “Interstellar” a try and see for yourself.