Costner’s new controversy

Costners new controversy

“Black and White” is a new film starring Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, and Gillian Jacobs.

“Black and White” is a controversial film that address’ the problem of race in America. The film deals with the separation between races.

Costner, a grandfather who has raised his granddaughter nearly her whole life, is drawn into a custody battle over the young girl after her grandmother, and sole caretaker dies.

Making a movie about race is a very risky thing, but reviews from the Toronto Film Festival have said the risk was worth it. Critics have raved that Costner’s performance is one of his best.

“Black and White” is said to be a must see. It is described as a film that is set amidst tragedy, family, fear, and prejudice.

It is a movie that is able to throw all this sorrow at you but still leave you with a smile when you leave the theatre. I believe that this film will live up to all of its excellent reviews, not only because it stars Kevin Costner, but because it is real.

The topic of “Black and White” is raw and loud. It is an issue that needs to be heard and talked about. Such a film gives us a better understanding of what people go through.

“Black and White” has not hit theaters in the United States yet, but you can look forward to it this coming January.

Costner is a very talented actor, and I can assure you that his performance in this film will not disappoint you.