Leaving you with emotion

“This Is Where I Leave You” is a newly released dramatic comedy, that in my eyes is a must see.

This movie contained the perfect amount of sadness, that makes you want to cry, but you don’t because it has the perfect amount of humor to keep you from shedding that tear.

Actor Jason Bateman, absolutely kills it in this movie. If you didn’t love Jason Bateman before seeing this film, you certainly will after “This Is Where I Leave You”.

I feel like this movie will do something for anyone who sees it. There is such a deep meaning in this movie, more meaning than most movies now days and I think that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

A film like this is rare: “This Is Where I Leave You” certainly hits home. Single, in a relationship, cheater, cheated on, no matter what your relationship status is, you can definitely relate to this refreshing film.

“This Is Where I Leave You” brings so many emotions to the surface, making it a feel-good movie. It really makes you consider all the things that are going on currently in your life and things that you have gone through. If you have ever thought you, or your family is just absolutely crazy, this movie can relate.

This film is really a thinker, it makes you take a lot of things into consideration, and re-evaluate where you really are in your life and what you’re doing. This movie is appealing to anyone, no matter who you are. Although it is not a Kevin Costner movie, it is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time and I recommend seeing it.