Classic Script: Those Irishmen strike again


These guys sure know a good thing when they see one. Unlike most break-out bands nowadays (especially foreign ones, it seems), the Irish-based based trio The Script definitely sticks to what they know.

They have held onto their distinctive sound, meaningful lyrics, and very mellow feel all the way through to their fourth studio album, “No Sound Without Silence.”

The first single from this soon to be successful album, “Superheroes”, all but proved how true to their roots The Script is with its catchy refrain and the message it delivers through the lyrics with warm accompaniment.

What is even more impressive, these Dubliners stick to their origins more by standing completely alone on this album, going back to what they did with their debut album The Script released back in 2008.

The two albums in between, “Science & Faith” and “#3,” both featured other artists on at least one track. Not that those tracks were awful in any way, but it is nice to see artists do their own thing without using a fellow musician to either lean on or using a more, well-known and popular artist as a way to gain a bigger fan base.

It shows how confident these Irishmen have gotten since they broke out in 2008, and they certainly have deserved this confidence.

It looks like it only goes up from here for The Script, and I for one cannot wait to see what else these Irishmen have in store for their dedicated fans who are spread all over the world.

Fame has treated the foreigners well, and they have yet be swayed from the sound and feel that got them here in the first place.