Guardians of the Galaxy: A must-see blockbuster


Zach Scarbrough, IV Leader Staff

When an orphaned boy named Peter Quill is abducted by intergalactic bounty hunters in the 1980’s, he is recruited and lives a new life with his captors. Years later Peter starts going by the alias “Star Lord” (Chris Pratt).

Pratt’s character soon makes enemies with a powerful being named Ronan the Accuser and must a band of unlikely heroes including: a former enemy of the Nova Corps (Zoe Saldana), a convict seeking vengeance (Dave Buatista), a genetically enhanced raccoon (Bradley Cooper), and a simple minded, able-bodied tree-like-being (Vin Diesel). Their mission is to keep an orb out of the wrong hands to ensure the safety of the Galaxy.

Known for writing the screenplays for Scooby-Doo (2002) and Dawn of the Dead (2004) as well as being one of the directors of Movie 43 (2013), this is undoubtedly director James Gunn’s most notable work to date.
His offbeat action-comedy sheds light on an obscure book of the same title. This generates a wide range of audiences that will enjoy the movie.

Chris Pratt’s portrayal of the main character “Star Lord” gives viewers a quirky and loveable protagonist to root for along his unexpected journey. Frequently “jamming out” on his Sony Walkman, Star Lord constantly finds himself using his powers of wit, cunning, and dumb luck to achieve his goals; this easy-going character is sure to be the favorite of many.

The sets, animations, and costumes used in this movie are another great aesthetic device to keep the story believable and fascinating. From city-sized spaceships, to alien planets, to unique life-forms, The Guardians of the Galaxy is sure to feed into the imagination.

A great example of this film’s special effects is that two of the main characters (Rocket and Groot) are completely CGI.
On top of the humor and effects its filmmakers bring to the table, The Guardians of the Galaxy includes heart-racing action scenes that will have audiences leaning on the edge of their seats. Involved hand-to-hand duels, cannon-firing battle drones, intense chase scenes, and even chaotic melees can be found throughout the film.

To end this short review, I would like to reiterate that The Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie for people with wide varieties of interest and is most definitely a must-see summer hit.