Students see ‘Les Miserables’


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IVCC student Yvette Lucas takes her picture with star of “Les Miserables” Ivan Rutherford.

David Page and Abney Bernardini, IV Leader Staff

SPAMO and Sigma Kappa Delta members went to Oakbrook April 17 to see the “Les Miserables” show at the Oakbrook Drury Lane Theatre.

Professors David Kuester, Adam Oldaker, Kim Radek and other faculty in charge of the English honorary fraternity and performing arts organization came together for the trip.

The show featured Broadway star Ivan Rutherford as ex-convict Jean Valjean as he betters his life by taking in a young girl named Cosette while getting away from an officer named Javert.

The actors featured many talented leads including Sharon Sachs from the hit television show “Grimm” and Ava Morse from the new television show “Chicago PD” along with many others.

The story takes place in 18th century Paris during a time where economic turmoil was one of the key issues in the country. The musical displays several different characters in order for the audience to see a clear picture of poverty in France. The people band together to finally fight back from a life they feel is unjust.

The climax of the play happens when the revolutionaries barricade Paris from the officials depicting the historic Paris Uprising. The overall book and play was inspired by the Uprising which Victor Hugo, the author of “Les Miserables,” actually witnessed first- hand.

The theatre the actors performed in was majestic featuring a compact stage which they utilized to its fullest potential.

“I’m glad everyone had a good time,” Adam Oldaker, one of the professors, said following the performance.

After the show, the students went to Oakbrook mall to have dinner and to seek souvenirs from their trip.

This show is still running at Drury Lane Theatre until June 8. Admission per ticket is $40. For information on show times and dates, visit