‘Hours’ thrills audiences


Alex Danko, IV Leader Columnist

Although he may have passed away late last year, Paul Walker managed to make “Hours,” his last complete film, a complete change in pace from his usual Fast and the Furious Franchise.

Paul Walker plays Nolan Hays who is married to Abigail, played by the beautiful Genesis Rodriguez.

The story begins in New Orleans in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit along the Gulf Coast.

With the storm approaching the area, Hays’ wife is rushed into a premature labor of their newborn daughter.

As the storm hits, doctors do everything to save his wife and prematurely born child, but the story takes a major turning point when the hospital is evacuated and the main character is left with his daughter and zero staff left to help him.

Because of the early labor, the daughter is put on a ventilator and needs to be on it for at least 48 hours.

This wouldn’t be a huge concern except the power has failed and so have the backup generators in the hospital.

There’s not much Nolan can do to save his baby girl except continue her IV bags with the diminishing supply he has left and keep the power going to the ventilator with a hand crank generator.

The charge for the generator only lasts three minutes each time that it is recharged and, therefore, requires continued attention from him.

“Hours” will leave audiences on the edge of their seats as they watch Paul Walker do what any real man would do for his child and fight to keep his child and wife alive.

“Hours” is a movie that is set in one room of a hospital for the majority of the time and you don’t even notice.

“Hours” takes audiences through different stages in themselves and really hits every emotion possible.

Anyone who sees this movie will go from being sad, happy, angry, and even frustrated as the movie viewer empathizes with what the main character must endure.

This movie was definitely one of the better dramas I’ve seen and I highly recommend checking it