Why Marvel is better than DC


John Eppard, A & E Editor

Don’t let the douche nugget writing about DC tell you otherwise but Marvel in terms of characters are better than DC.  Take Spiderman for example, his series is one of the most iconic figures in America even though his powers are based off of spiders.  This is because Stan Lee knew what he was doing and told his competitors to suck it in the form of comic books.
My other point for why Marvel is superior is their movies.  When Thor was released it kept the momentum going for Marvel’s movie universe.  Unlike most movies this one appeared like it was dedicated to fan girls rather than the typical fan base.  One reason for this could be due to the unusual amount of girls adoring over Loki and Thor.  This became obvious when one of the first scenes with Thor in it was of him topless and a good chunk of the movie consisted of Loki being a smartass.  Although I am not the only one who thought this as the Japanese movie poster of Thor was anything but Yaoi.
Movie away from the brotherly love of Thor you now have the future of Marvel which is Avengers 2 and the movies leading up to it.  Marvel is in no way worried about their financial future as these movies will be bringing in a consistent amount of cash in their Tony Stark bank accounts.  The DC fan who keeps crying in the other article may say that Tony Stark is pretty much Bruce Wayne can shut up because Tony Stark now has extremis so he actually has super powers now.  What does Batman have now, what he has is money and dead parents.  That is why Tony Stark is a real man, also because why he is capable of becoming a real superhero.
Unless some of you haven’t been aware Marvel is also more realistic when it comes to the ideas of superheroes as they include the concept of fearing and hating those with powers.  Granted the people they fear and hate are considered mutants but that is still more than realistic than DC with their heroes or “Meta Humans” as they call it.  Long story short Marvel is better than DC because they have better heroes and better stories.  This has been John Eppard saying the person who is writing about DC has no idea what he is talking about.