Why DC is better than Marvel


John Eppard, A & E Editor

Before the asshole in the Marvel article tries to convince you, DC is obviously the better company.  This is shown in all of their animated series, comics and movies.
Take Batman for an example, in the past two decades there have been numerous animated series based off of Batman.  Each one of them has been well received by critics and fans alike.  Also, all of them have been successful in their own rights in terms of story.  Take Batman the Animated Series for example, that series has been so successful that when the writers were creating original characters they actually made it to the main DC Universe.  That is something that Marvel was barely able to do with some Wolverine clone.
My next point will be the well written stories which Marvel hasn’t done since their Civil War.  When the new 52 came out the court of the owls’ storyline was well received and made into hardcover shortly after it was finished.  Also the decision to make Cyborg a founding member of the new Justice League turned heads.  This is because Geoff Johns acknowledges Cyborg abilities as a league member rather than a Titan.  Some people may complain about this, but the biggest surprise was how badass Aquaman was.  Yes, I did just say that Aquaman is a badass.  One of the first showings of Aquaman in the Justice League was of him having a dead alien on his trident while riding a shark to the surface world.  When was the last time you saw Namor doing something like that?
While Captain Butthurt of the Marvel brigade may argue otherwise, DC is the better company in that business.  In the end the other writer can go cry himself to sleep.