‘We’re The Millers’ offers must-see comedy


Alex Danko, A & E Columnist

“We’re the Millers” is a movie based around Jason Sudeikis’s pot-dealing character David Clark.
David is a 40-something man whose life hasn’t changed since college.  David is content with his life of dealing pot and living by himself until he gets mugged and gets robbed of his entire stash.  When he goes to his boss and supplier to beg forgiveness, he is asked to go across the border into Mexico to pick up a “smidgen” of marijuana and deliver it back across the border by the Fourth of July.
David is really hesitant at first because of the risk but eventually agrees and begins to concoct a plan of how to get the weed across the border.
David gets the idea that a family crossing the border won’t get a second look so he begins to recruit his family. He starts with Kenny who lives downstairs from him, who’s kind of a dipshit and whose mother went out for drinks like two weeks ago and hasn’t been back since, so he’s a solid pick up that one will miss. Next David finds a daughter and who better than this homeless runaway outside his building who is breaking into coin machines just to get by, so she of course takes the deal.  Now David just needs a wife for his fake family so why not a stripper? His neighbor from across the hall, played by the smoking hot Jennifer Anniston, was very reluctant to take his deal that could end up with all of them spending 25 years in a Mexican Jail, but she takes it on account of getting evicted and quitting her job.  After the recruiting there’s just nothing but laughs and incidents with a good Christian family and another drug lord that David unknowingly stole his “smidgen,” almost 1 ton, delivery of marijuana.
I highly recommend this movie to everybody; it is a definite must see and is worth watching more than once.
The casting for this movie was set up perfectly with great support to Sudeikis’ lead character.  The others as mentioned are Jennifer Anniston, the always hilarious Nick Offerman, Ed Helms, Emma Roberts, and a new comer Will Poulter.
So if any readers are looking for a new comedy, pick up “We’re the Millers” and I promise you will not be disappointed.