‘Thor: The Dark World’ satisfies moviegoers

Nadia Churchil-gilstrap, A & E Columnist

From Norse gods to research scientists and from alien realms to London, England. Thor: The Dark World has it all.  Two different worlds must band together to prevent the impending apocalypse of the entire universe. This movie brought together the action all comic fans know and love, the familiar romantic sub plot, and a level of witty humor that many wouldn’t expect from a macho, action film starring the God of Thunder.
The comic fans came for Thor and the girls came for Chris Hemsworth. Either way this film did not disappoint. Supporting character Kat Dennings stole many of the scenes she was in, while delivering another hilarious performance. The casting was flawless and the atmosphere was engaging. The typical good-guy-bad-guy clash was spiced up with humor and a few twists that left the viewer more than satisfied. The usual disappointment of a sequel was not present, as Thor: The Dark World could arguably be considered better than its predecessor. It leaves you on the edge of your seat begging for more.
This movie will please the comedy lovers, the romance seekers, and the action enthusiasts. If you need to compromise on a movie to watch with your friends, family, or significant other, Thor: The Dark World may just be your solution.