Lady Gaga turns tragedy into artistry with release of ARTPOP

Yessenia Nunez, A & E Columnist

After suffering from a labral tear and what we now know, a broken hip, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel her Born This Way Ball earlier this year, leaving her little monsters and the Queen of Pop devastated.
She was suffering with the unbearable pain for some time but never said a word about it because she knew the sorrow her fans would have felt. Her condition got out of control and the tour was cancelled but as we all knew, that wasn’t going to stop Gaga and thus ARTPOP was created.
Lady Gaga used this free time to create her fourth album, ARTPOP, best described as magical. Lady Gaga is the Queen of Pop and certainly proves it in this album by showcasing the art that pop music can be.
With songs like “Venus” or “Swine” (the more upbeat songs) to “Dope and “Gypsy” (the more soulful songs), Lady Gaga once again does it all. Her whole album is dedicated to her fans, “Dope” in specific with lyrics like “I need you more than dope” continues to let her little monsters know that she loves them with unconditional love.
Lady Gaga has an exquisite talent when it comes to singing any genre of music because this woman can sing. She has the talent to style her voice to many types of genres, definitely making her one of the top voices around.
I honestly can’t imagine one person not liking at least one of her songs. Lady Gaga’s fourth album is refreshing, funky, artistic, and danceable, all while still appreciating her voice and lyrics.
ARTPOP was released November 11th, so go get your copy because this album is exactly what the music scene was crying out for.