‘Carrie’ gets makeover


Have you ever felt the desire to destroy the world after receiving continuous negative words, actions, or maybe both from the world?
The second movie adaptation of “Carrie” — originally a novel written by Stephen King in 1974 — came to theaters the weekend of Oct. 18, and the main character in this story feels your pain.
Carrie White spends her whole life being picked on by  her extremely protective  mother — who may or may not lock Carrie in a cupboard under the staircase sometimes — to being subjected to the cruel actions of some of her classmates.
As a cool bonus, though, Carrie finds out she has awesome superpowers which she uses! I
personally enjoyed the movie, but the film ended up ranking third in viewings the weekend it came to theaters; it made $17 million the first weekend, leaving it in third place behind “Gravity” and “Captain Phillips” respectively.
This movie is filled with comedy, gore, and some romance. So, go get a bunch of your friends and head out to the theater to go check out a great movie!