‘Iron Man 3’: Tony Stark faces biggest battle

Alex Danko, Columnist

In “Iron Man 3,” Tony Stark battles what seems to be one of his biggest challenges yet and that is dealing with the whole “I almost died at the battle of New York” thing.
This becomes very relevant throughout the story when Tony, who was not in good health in “Iron Man 2,” reacts the same way and all his tests show the same thing: he has severe anxiety and lots of issues to deal with because of it.
“Iron Man 3” is a different movie in the franchise because you see elements of the first movie that were very serious and more about Tony Stark surviving and from the second movie you see a more sarcasm-filled Tony who uses his smartass-ness to keep himself from ever really having to talk about his issues.
Tony’s PTSD is only worsened when he has injected himself with receptors that allow him to call the suit to him at any time and naturally, with him having anxiety all the time, his Iron Man suit becomes the brown paper bag that he needs during all his attacks. There’s even an instance of him calling the suit to himself during a nightmare about almost dying in New York.
“Iron Man 3” is a must see to anyone who hasn’t already seen it and, to anyone who’s looking for a good movie trilogy, this is definitely one of the best super hero trilogies that as I’ve said before is a “must see.”
In addition, Iron Man’s story line is hooked into the Marvel Universe with other heroes such as Thor, Hawkeye, The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and all the other members like Agent Coulson who has just received his own show on ABC, “Agents of SHIELD.”
However,   this is just one project that is an expansion; there are also other movies like a movie dedicated to Nick Fury and already another “Avengers” movie is in the works, plus another one to be made after that.
Bottom line with this movie choice: you are entering into a world that has so many different story lines at play that you’ll never want to stop watching.
The Iron Man movies have all been a success and have sparked life into the rest of the Marvel movies.
To wrap this up I have to say, if you have a night free, get this trilogy and you will see exactly why people cannot get enough Iron Man.