GTA V still shines despite glitches


Mike Urbanec, Columnist

This review will stay spoiler free for those of you who have yet to finish the game.
Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V was definitely the most anticipated game of the year this year.
Expectations were impossibly high; anyone who purchased a copy was expecting a game that would surpass all others. And that is exactly what consumers got.
The “glass ceiling” that video games give you is completely obliterated with this game. It’s so much more than sticking up stores, killing hookers, and blowing up everything in sight, although, as with every other GTA, participation in those activities is greatly encouraged.
But if a person wants to pretend to be an upstanding citizen of Rockstar’s comedic perception of California, called San Andreas, they can.
Nearly every non-playable character has something to say, and say one of them gets robbed. If you retrieve their goods and return them, they give you a reward.
Or, if you just want to live an everyday life, you can go to a movie, or go hiking, or participate in activities like tennis or golf, both of which are extremely well done, and could be a completely separate game if Rockstar felt like it.
There are so many little details that get looked over in the creation of many games, that are very prominent in this game.
Every person plays with their phones, cars break down, people show up places drunk, (or stoned), even cashiers at the clothing stores  try to start conversations with main characters as they shop.
This game really does turn out to be “Real Life: The Video Game,” and I highly recommend it for anyone.
Grand Theft Auto V is a fantastic game that caps off the current generation of consoles beautifully.