Are you looking for an Icon For Hire?

Adam Hoye, Columnist

Hey guys Adam back with another A&R for ya, this time on some actually personal great friends of mine based out of Decatur, Illinois area! Yes, this area has some local musicians that have made it big time besides, Billy Corgan, Disturbed, Chevelle, and many more that have hailed from the Chicago suburb area. The bands name is Icon For Hire, they are Christian-based artist on a Christian-label called Tooth and Nail Records with such artists that include The Almost, Emery, Family Force 5, MxPx, and Underoath.

Icon For Hire came off a tour last year just after their signing with Tooth & Nail Records with the infamous band Red. Tooth and Nail Records released their first full-length album Scripted back in 2011 and has gone to break the label’s new artist record for albums sold during the first week of release! They have just recently went on a small tour across the U.S. that entailed double-digit stops starting in Florida and winding all the way up on the west coast in California promoting their new album release self-titled Icon For Hire. This album was produced by Aaron Sprinkle who has recorded such artists as Anberlin and The Almost. And knowing the sounds we have heard from Anberlin and The Almost, this is just going to be another great produced album to put under Sprinkle’s belt.

My personal relations with Icon For Hire came back in 2008 when my fellow band, Fickles Lot and I joined the lineup at Cornerstone Music Festival in Bushnell, IL. We came across Icon For Hire when we had the opportunity to play for the famed Rockstock Stage held there every year for up and coming indie artists such as Icon For Hire. From there we made a great relation buildup between the two bands and played several other shows together after that to where we have bonded on a personal level to be called more than acquaintances, they became our “brothers/sister”.

So if you are looking for more still inspirational music to add to your device or pop in your car, I highly recommend picking up Scripted and their new self-titled and get your jam on, these guys and gal will definitely show you how to rock!