Lyrics provide meaning in music

Adam Hoye, A & E Columnist

I have been a musician for over 27 years now, and I have been involved in the music industry for well over 19 years, working with bands such as Atreyu, BlessTheFall, Of Mice & Men and many more.
I’ve worked such festivals as Ozzfest 2006 and Vans Warped tour 2007 to 2010. I’ve played in rock bands, metal, hardcore, and even pop bands. I’ve shared playing on stage with bands such as Fountains of Wayne, Framing Hanley, Saosin, Icon For Hire, and even Lonestar. I’ve been on tours ranging all around the world. There is nothing wrong with listening to the beat and getting a groove on, but there comes a time you want to know what the lyrics are or even what they mean.
This leads up to the fact that I have just recently endorsed and will be helping book tours for a band called Good Morning Gorgeous from Austin, Texas. Their new EP called Capstone is for sale on Itunes, Amazon, and XBox Music. But the lyrics make you realize that life is hard, but you only live once so you have to make sure that you live it to the fullest.
Right now this EP is actually the number 1 rated Metal Album on Itunes for the second week in a row. They have also just won the chance going into a final round for Sumerian Records.
If you are interested in looking for music and lyrics that may help you in your life’s journey, this is a list that I suggest:
Thousand Foot Krutch
Icon For Hire
Alter Bridge
Our Last Night
Demon Hunter
As I Lay Dying
Memphis May Fire
Miss May I
Oh, Sleeper
For Today
Good Morning Gorgeous
August Burns Red
Bless The Fall
For All Eternity
Jamie’s Elsewhere
Outline in Color
And there will be many more to come…! So stay tuned and go ahead and email any that you may recommend as well. I hope to hear from you!
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