‘Man of Steel’ continues flying high in new film


David Paige, Collumnist

Fans of Superman can rest easier with the reboot, Man of Steel, as it takes a fresh spin on the 70+ year old character. The reboot of the famous Superman films introduces Henry Cavil as the heroic Clark Kent, known as Superman to Earth and Kal-El to Krypton, Amy Adams as spunky reporter Lois Lane, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Superman’s birthfather, and Michael Shannon as the surprisingly chilling General Zod. The film follows Superman’s rise as a hero, from going around the world too discovering his heritage. Clark must stop General Zod from taking over the earth about 30 years after the destruction of Krypton and making Earth into a second Krypton for the surviving Kryptonians via terraforming. So Clark and Lois must find a way to stop Zod and his warriors from taking over Earth before it’s too late.

In all, this film is all action and special effects, but the story is pretty good. The story is basically a understanding of Superman’s drive to find a responsible way too use his powers, while trying to stay connected with the humans of earth. Another thing that the film added was not spending a lot of the film on his backstory, instead putting moments of his past into specific moments too add to the story. Too me, this didn’t distract from the story and actually added to it since the flashbacks that appear usually appear when specific moments occur. I can tell why some people may be turned off by this, but I can enjoy it since I’m not letting my nostalgia of the original Superman films cloud my judgment of it. The film in of itself is a new take of the famous hero, as I had said before, but that doesn’t make it any less deserving of it.

But as a critic, I have also noticed some problems with this film. The biggest problem I had was the camera being too shaky at times, making it harder to focus on the scene it was on without feeling like my seat was shaking. Another issue I had was some of the fight scenes, as some felt too rushed and kind of hard to watch without feeling like blinking and you’ll miss the big part. One other thing I noticed with some critical moments people noticed is the ending. I’m not going to say it if you want to see it, but it does have a moral issue with some of the man of steel’s most loyal fans. So I can understand why people feel negatively over it, but if you watched the film, you would understand it better if you take the logic into prospective and the fact he is a rookie at this.

In conclusion, this film isn’t perfect but it’s still good enough in my book. If you guys want to check it out, it comes out on DVD on November 12th of this year.