I Confess

John Eppard, A&E Editor

During these past couple of weeks a new Facebook page received the attention of many students on campus.  The page “IVCC Confessions” received immense popularity overnight quickly becoming one of the biggest things to happen in the Illinois Valley since the road change near the Dairy Queen in the Peru area.

I was able to get an interview with the admin who at this time wishes to remain anonymous.  The following is the actual interview, and hopefully answers questions that people are wondering about.

Q1.  What made you want to create this page?

A1.  I was just very curious to see what people had to say. I did get the idea from another school, so I can’t take all the credit for an original idea. I didn’t expect it to turn into what it has, but I’m glad I did it…it’s fun!

Q2.  Speaking of its popularity, did you expect it to become this popular?

A2.  Absolutely not. When I first posted the page, I had maybe 3 people like it the first night…but then woke up to more than 30, up to 200 or more by the end of the day. Now we’re up to 1300+, right? That’s crazy!

Q3.  It’s definitely becoming more and more popular each day through word of mouth and by it popping on news feeds. Unfortunately with it becoming more popular there are some people out there who are leaving negative posts and comments, are there any concerns about this?

A3.  I do have concerns about this. I never had the intention of creating this page to see drama and hate. I respect opinions on this page and a healthy debate, but personal attacks are not tolerated. Anything I may miss on the page, or if there’s any post or comment that someone considers inappropriate, I definitely invite anyone to bring it to my attention! This page was created to be fun, I want to keep it that way. I moderate the posts and comments as much as I possibly can.

Q4.  Unfortunately things tend to get out of hand and to my understanding the administration is now keeping an eye on the page to make sure there are no rude remarks or cyber bullying correct?

A4.  Yes, I am working with the administration about the page. Tracy Morris brought some things to my attention, and I was unaware that I was violating any school codes. She was very helpful and suggestive, and I agreed with all she had to say about the page. Since then, I have made some minor changes to the page, and I moderate the comments/posts a little more closely. If any issues arise, she contacts me about them, and they are promptly fixed with no problems. As long as the page doesn’t get too out of hand, it’s here to stay

Q5.  Well that’s good to hear, it’s becoming more popular with each confession. One final question, do you still plan on moderating the page even after a couple of years or do you plan on letting another student or someone like Tracy Morris to moderate it?

A5.  I’ve put some thought into that myself. Chances are, I will find someone new to moderate it at soon as I leave IVCC. Let’s just hope it’s still as popular then as it is now, so we can keep the page alive!