2012 was a good year for comics

John Eppard, IV Leader A&E editor

For the past couple of years, there has been a new wave of fandom for comic books in particular the television shows and the movies based off of them.
Not to sound like an old curmudgeon but 10 years ago if anyone started showing any interest into anything comic book related, then they would be harassed.
Now, it seems like a lot of people are excited for any new comic book movie and who can blame them?
This past year was phenomenal for comic book fans.  For years coming up to this point, fans have been waiting eagerly for “The Avengers” to be released and thankfully the movie didn’t disappoint whatsoever.
With the exception of Edward Norton all of the characters reprised their roles from their previous Marvel films.  Even with the new addition of Mark Ruffalo playing the Hulk, fans enjoyed this movie to the point where they went and watched the movie again several times.  Most fans even agreed that Marvel finally portrayed The Hulk the way he should have been portrayed.
After two failed movie attempts at The Hulk, Marvel went with a new direction for the character and experimented with the same technology used for “Avatar” and it worked for them with approval from critics.
What is also a good outcome for comics from this is there will be a sequel to “The Avengers”, and sequels for “Iron Man,” “Captain America,” and “Thor” are already in the process of being made.
Keeping on the subject of Marvel related movies “The Amazing Spider-man” was also released.
Some comic book fans were happy about this while others not so much.  The Spiderman series was decided to get a reboot after  the last one didn’t do too well in the eyes of critics, which led to Marvel wanting a fresh start.  This was a smart decision as fans responded warmly to it and didn’t hate the new Spider-man as much as the last one.  In the eyes of most critics this movie actually didn’t leave that much of an impression as it didn’t do as well as “The Avengers” and the next movie I’m about to talk about.
After the “Avengers” there was one more movie comic book fans were anxiously waiting for and that’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” which made the series one of the most successful trilogies in terms of profit.
Christopher Nolan finished off his version of the Batman series, and most fans agreed Nolan handled the series perfectly.  The movie followed up with a realistic timeline from the last movie revealing that quite some time has passed from the last movie.  Nolan also introduced characters from the folklore of the Batman universe.  With a satisfying ending the only real complaint about the movie is that it is the last Batman movie by Nolan unless he is signed to another one.
Comic book fans are also able to rejoice in the fact that there is a new superhero show to replace “Smallville” in terms of good shows.
The show “Arrow” has proven it is worth watching as fans have praised it more than it was expecting.  The show is about Green Arrow and his origin story and his mission for completing his father’s final wish for righting the wrongs he has done in the past.  So far the show has stayed consistent in terms of keeping its viewing audience and it seems like it is not going away anytime soon.
For some reason or another comic book movies and television shows are now a major part of the industry and for fans it is a good thing.  Only time can tell where the industry will go, and I am looking forward to it.