Spooky Improv proves SPAMO is still alive


Zach Hartenbower and Jessie Winchel show off someof their characters at the Spooky Improv Show.

John Eppard, IV Leader A&E editor

On Oct. 26 and 27 SPAMO had their improv and show choir perform a show to the public in the Fireplace Lounge to show what they had learned and the skills they developed this semester.

SPAMO stands for “students of the performing arts and music organization” and, with the school’s theater closed off for construction, the organization has encountered slight difficulty but they wouldn’t let that stop them.

Since the beginning of the semester, the improv team has been working on their ability to think on their feet while at the same time making sense so they could utilize those skills for the future.

Some students have been doing improv for years while others were introduced to it for the first time which was a healthy blend for the show.  During the show the improv team were doing “games” which showed off their abilities to figure out who or what someone is and to find out how well their reasoning skills are.

The show itself was a success and raised a fair amount of money for SPAMO.

The audience also seemed to enjoy the show and were very involved with the show with their enthusiastic suggestions.

Matthew Gerding, a student who attended the show, said, “I enjoyed the show very much, it was hysterically funny and the songs and dances were catchy.”

As for those who were involved in the show, the overall response was the same.

Zach Hartenbower, who is a part of the improv team, said, “As long as we keep the energy level high enough we can always perform a good show.”

The show was very funny with some members of the improv team showing off characters that they had developed up until the show.  One character, created by Andrew Loebach, was a character that had issues with his ex-wife and would bring her up whenever the situation called for it.

The overall theme of the show was suitable as most of the “games” involved a horror theme to them.  Some of the “games” had them making Halloween noises and for titles thrown out for suggestions were “it came from _____.”

The surroundings of the show also showed a spooky theme as there were cobwebs set up as well as dimmed lights and people dressed in costumes guiding people to the show.

The show choir also showed off what they learned so far with a spooky theme as they performed “I Put a Spell On You” and “Monster Mash.”
Before the show started the show choir came out dressed as monsters and performed “Monster Mash” in the middle of the aisle to get the crowd in the spirit of the show.

At the end they performed again as the improv team left the stage. The show choir performed “I Put a Spell On You” and both show choir and members of the improv team danced in the aisles.

The show proved to be  successful for SPAMO as people are aware that its still around and an important part of IVCC.  They also hope to have another improv show in the future as the overall response was positive.