Not an average chick flick


Maria Turinetti, IV Leader Columnist

If you loved “The Hangover” and “Bridesmaids,” then you’ll love “Bachelorette,” which reflects both movies as a wild-night-before-the-wedding comedy.
The first scene of the film takes place in Los Angeles, where the plus-size bride-to-be Becky (Rebel Wilson, who was Kristen Wiig’s obnoxious psychopath of a roommate in “Bridesmaids”) informs her best friend, the platinum-blond high strung word that rhymes with witch, Regan (Kirsten Dunst), that she’s engaged.
Regan reacts to the news with pure joy, but on the inside she is fuming with jealousy. Even though she has been “friends” with Becky since high school, she is so self-centered that she is appalled at the fact that her pudgy friend got engaged before her. In the midst of Regan’s hissy fit, we meet two of Becky’s other high school pals who will also serve as bridesmaids in the wedding alongside Regan, who obviously will take charge as the maid of honor.
There’s Gena (Lizzy Caplan Mean Girls), who seems unsure of where her life is going, and Katie (Isla Fisher Wedding Crashers), a beautiful, yet insecure ditz.
Fast forward six months later, in Manhattan, on the eve of Becky’s wedding, the perfect occasion for a bachelorette party spins out of control. CNN stated perfectly, “It’s a revved-up pageant of feminine dysfunction, a comedy of values about young women who don’t have any.”
After a few glasses of wine, the three bridesmaids decide to have a party of their own despite the bride turning in early and they end up ripping Becky’s gigantic wedding dress in pieces while seeing if all three fit inside the enormous number.
And so begins their night of escapades as they go out on the town while hauling the mangled dress around with them, trying to find a way to repair it before dawn.
As if the night couldn’t get any worse, each of the trio has a guy she’s passively pursuing (played by James Marsden, Kyle Bornheimer, and Adam Scott), and the encounters with them are funny in a heartless, demeaning women’s judgment sort of way.
Long story short, this film will keep your attention the whole way through, making you guess what kind of crazy situations the girls will get into next and at the same time it will make you develop a love/hate relationship with each character.