Chem Club members attend conference

Erin Salz, IV Leader Staff

The IVCC Chem Club officers began their Spring Break on March 23 with a flight out to San Diego, Calif., to attend the American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring 2012 National Meeting & Exposition.
On Monday evening, March 26, the officers and advisors presented a poster at the Successful Student Chapter Poster Session.
During the poster session, the members had a chance to show off their successes throughout the year and receive future ideas from other successful student chapters from colleges across the United States.
Throughout their stay, the officers and advisors also spent a lot of time browsing through the Exposition Hall, attending several instructional seminars about various aspects within the physical sciences, eating excellent meals from many different cuisines, walking around downtown San Diego, and even attempting to swim in the chilly ocean!
On Tuesday, March 27, the Chem Club representatives climbed back onto a plane and headed home to Illinois.
The officers expressed their gratitude to the ACS-Joliet Section, to the club members who participate in the club’s many activities, to Chem Club advisors Promise Yong, Matt Johll, and  Richard Ault, as well as to the many IVCC faculty and administrative associates for all of their help – both monetarily and physically – to make this trip possible.
Not only did the officers bring home with them many new chemistry demonstration/presentation ideas for use in future years, but they were also exposed to a wide variety of research opportunities, new and interesting concepts, and unlimited possibilities of career choices within the physical science fields.