Top 5 Video Game Sellers

Evan Johnson, IV Leader Columnist

When it comes to video games, they can be hit or miss. With these, they were the best and brightest of 2011.

The top five best sellers of 2011 are as follows:

Number 1, was Call of Duty: MW3. Anyone who played this would agree with me and the list that this was the best seller of the year. It sold 18 million copies by the start of the New Year! 1.5 of that came on opening night!

Next in the lineup is Just Dance 3. Total sales of the Just Dance series worldwide are at 25 million, since the franchise’s debut in 2009. That says a lot for the game. It was also the first multiplayer dancing game.

Next in line is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is an awesome game, Bethesda has done it again. You have multiple choices in characters, paths, abilities, weapons, magic use, the list goes on! In 2011 this game sold 3.4 million in the first two days!  From that went to 7 million, then 8 million and the numbers continue to grow. Mind you this game has only been out for a little while now and it already has a large amount sold. That number will continue to grow as the year progresses.

After Elder Scrolls, and next in line is Battlefield 3. This game competed with Modern Warfare 3 and came just short of it in sales. In 2011 this game sold 8 million copies in the beginning months. And still grows today.

And finally, at number five in the most sold games list of 2011, is Madden NFL 12. Its grand total comes to just over 3 million. That’s a very high amount sold for the sport franchise, and just in its first week it sold 1.2 million.

There you have it, the best of the best, the most popular and most sold games of 2011. And trust me when I say this, but these numbers will increase over the year and before you know it, these numbers will be times ten of what you see now. So keep your eyes out for sales, and get them while you can, because even now these games fly off the shelves!