Why heroes are jerks

John Eppard, IVLeader Arts and Entertainment Editor

As a child growing up, I loved to read comic books and to this day I still do. The only difference between then and now is the fact that I realize that heros like Superman and Spiderman are actually tools.

Take Superman for instance; there have been a couple of stories where Superman was fighting giant robots and one of the ways Superman defeated them was by throwing a car at them. The first thought on most people’s mind would be that he saved the day.

However, the thought on whoever owned the car would be “Why in the world would Superman throw my car to destroy a robot? I don’t care if he saved the day or not!”Also, the fact that some of the writers of DC comics think that Superman can’t destroy a robot by punching it is just sad. Apparently Superman has the ability to fly around the Earth backwards to turn back time, but he can’t use the strength to destroy a mountain of a robot is just too unbelievable.

He also abuses the fact that he’s superman to get stories for the Daily Planet. That itself isn’t terrible but at the same time, it’s a little morally wrong as other people at the newsroom work really hard to try to get a story while he just reports what he did that day. If anything, the thing that upsets me more than anything else would be the fact that nobody can realize the fact that Superman and Clark Kent are the one and same. The only difference between his alter ego and Superman is a twist of his hair and those fake glasses.

Another “hero” that people don’t realize is a jerk is Batman. Even though he doesn’t have any superpowers, he still manages to abuse the people of the world just as well as Superman. He uses his money for expensive gadgets and an overpowered vehicle to fight crime instead of investing his money into a better containment facility for the criminals he inadvertently created. Also, the idea of him taking a 13 year old boy into the heat of battle is incredibly dangerous; that’s why he has the death of his second sidekick on his hands.

Just like Superman, nobody seems to realize that Bruce Wayne is the only person rich enough to afford a Batmobile and the lifestyle that can support his late nights due to the fact that he doesn’t really have a tough job other than running a company that he doesn’t even show up to everyday because he has advisers in his place. In the last Batman movie, someone did figure it out, but he decides not to tell the authorities because Morgan Freeman was able to convince him otherwise.

Finally, the last hero that clearly has issues with thinking things through is Spiderman. Even though he is Marvel’s money maker, he is really emo as after every little action he does he gets depressed and lets his loved ones suffer from it. As a scientist, he also doesn’t realize the more common sense actions in life compared to his ability to create a web shooter.

For instance, he causes a whiplash effect that kills his girlfriend while he was trying to save her because he rushed things through.

Spiderman also abuses his superhero role just like Superman while he takes photos of himself fighting crime and makes money on it. Again, he feels wrong about what he does, but he doesn’t do anything to find another way of making money so he doesn’t have to do it again.

I’m not saying that all heroes have no common sense of what’s right and wrong; it’s just that I kind of wish that the writers of these major comic book companies would put more time and effort with their characters.

Also, all of the plot holes in their stories upset me. I don’t really accept the idea of Superman being able to turn back time, but he can be killed by a rock, or how Batman threw himself out of a building to save a girl the Joker threw out even thought the Joker was still in a room full of people that apparently got out of there completely unhyarmed.

The point is that these heroes are not as great as we see them.