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‘Ruthless!’ Hilarity, macabre, backstage jokes enliven musical

Aelsa Butler, Culture Editor

November 10, 2015

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To what lengths would an artist go for time in the spotlight? In IVCC’s fall production of “Ruthless! The Musical!”, a third-grader named Tina will stop at nothing – not even murder -- to get the lead role in her school...

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Students encouraged to say ‘No More’

Corey Winchel, IV Leader Culture Editor

October 16, 2015

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Many people think of October as a month of pink, but many would also like to see it as a month of purple as well. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and while many are used to seeing the pink ribbons of Breast Cancer...

Committee established to improve ag education

Michael Westerman, IV Leader Editor-in-chief

October 16, 2015

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IVCC and the University of Illinois Extension have formed a committee of professionals in the area of agriculture to formulate a plan to expand agriculture education at IVCC. IVCC president Dr. Jerry Corcoran is in the forefront...

MAP grants secure for spring semester

IV Leader Staff

October 16, 2015

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Illinois Valley Community College will cover state financial aid payments to students this spring despite the ongoing budget stalemate in Springfield, President Jerry Corcoran announced at Thursday’s board meeting. While other...

IVCC, organizations seek to strengthen diversity

Aris Showers, IV Leader Opinion Editor

October 15, 2015

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The phrase “lack of diversity” is a term that’s commonly used on college campuses. The phrase is used when there isn’t enough of something. Some colleges tend to lack certain racial groups or interactions between different...

College funds affected by state budget

Jessica Bursztynsky, IV Leader Associate Editor

September 28, 2015

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Illinois’ withheld budget imposes financial burden to colleges across the state and could affect IVCC’s MAP grants in spring semester. For officials in the state of Illinois government these past few months have been filled...

IV Leader is the student newspaper of Illinois Valley Community College