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Spring of 2016 marks the end of construction

Maddi Loiselle, IV Leader Staff Writer

September 28

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Construction is continuing in the former lobby and Buildings D and E. At the beginning of the spring semester, students can look forward to the completion of Student Life Space in Building E and the Cyber Café in the former...

Identity or deceit: the Rachel Dolezal factor

Aris Showers, Staff Writer

September 9

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The news media is constantly filled with scandalous stories about the behaviors of people in leadership roles. I feel some people of authority tend to believe in their own invincibility. Rachel Dolezal was the leader of the NAACP...

Smoke-Free Act a breath of fresh air for campus

Lindsey Bennett, Staff Writer

September 9

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I was taking my friend to return her books at the bookstore late this summer, when lo and behold, a sign is standing right at the entrance declaring the campus smoke- and tobacco free. It’s going to be a serious relief for some...

Technically speaking: Boehm takes over behind the scenes at Cultural Center

Zach Scarbrough, Staff Writer

September 8

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IVCC’s new theater technical manager, Matt Boehm, loves working behind the scenes. For those who are curious, the theater technical manager is equivalent to a technical director and a production manager in the professional...

Going full speed at full time:

Lexi Mink, Staff Writer

September 4

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This year’s Outstanding Part-Time Instructor is no longer part-time. Dan Serafini, the 2015 Outstanding Part-Time Instructor recipient and statistics enthusiast, succeeded Cindy Schultz, who retired, and teaches five math...

IVCC ends battle with Marquis, costs taxpayers

Michael Westerman, IV Leader A&E Editor

April 30

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IVCC has dropped a 40-month long lawsuit over the real estate assessment of Marquis Energy LLC in Hennepin, costing taxpayers nearly $900,000 between the legal fees of IVCC and Putnam County. IVCC’s decision came after an...

IV Leader is the student newspaper of Illinois Valley Community College