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IVCC unveils plans for second annual showcase

Stephanie Bias, IV Leader Columnist

September 22

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The second annual Day of the Arts Festival is returning to Illinois Valley Community College on Saturday, Oct. 15. The day is dedicated to showcasing student art, live performances, and music. Hosted and sponsored by the humanities...

Adding emotion with the sound of music (in movies)

Hannah Uranich, IV Leader Columnist

September 22

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Movies are a uniquely portable magic. They have the power to evoke emotions we may never even knew we had; whether it be falling in love with a character, sympathizing and relating to a problem in the plot, or just being purely...

The not-so-farewell album

Maddi Loiselle, IV Leader Columnist

April 28

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Brian Logan Dales is a cliché. The lead singer for pop punk outfit The Summer Set, he fled when his band hit a creative wall. They had started writing their latest album, what was to become Stories for Monday, but it was lacking...

‘Cleopatra’ tells emotional story

Jessica Bursztynsky, Iv Leader Associate Editor

April 28

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Four years after their debut on the indie music scene, The Lumineers have released their second full length album, “Cleopatra,” on April 8. Most known for their song “Ho Hey,” The Lumineers quickly paved their way into...

Faith, family, fear subjects of Twenty One Pilots’ latest album

Maddi Loiselle, IV Leader Staff Writer

April 7

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If you ever find yourself at a loss in your musical journey, Twenty One Pilots just might be the band to gravitate towards. Fronted by the talented Tyler Joseph, whose voice ranges from rap to a crooner to falsetto, the band’s...

Sing your way through the remainder of the school year

Aelsa Butler, IV Leader Culture Editor

April 7

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Spring break is over, and there are just under six weeks of school left. These next weeks will fly by; soon we’ll be at finals and then graduation, and suddenly, our school year is gone. While the weeks may go by quickly, they...

Researchers study worldwide power of music

Aelsa Butler, IV Leader Staff Writer

February 8

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Finding interests that span all people groups across the world is not an easy task. Many nations have wildly divergent cultures, affecting everything from games to television programs. When a recreational activity sweeps across...

Adele solidifies her return with release of ‘25’

Aris Showers, Opinion Editor

January 28

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Soul singer Adele is back in the spotlight after a four-year hiatus with her brand new album “25.” The singer is breaking records on the Billboard charts and inspiring fans. The Billboard charts have steadily tracked Adele’s...

Ellie Goulding’s new album leaves fans delirious

Jessica Bursztynsky, IV Leader Associate Editor

December 3

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British singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding debuted her third studio album “Delirium” on Nov. 6, and has managed to successfully navigate a switch in genres. “Delirium” brings a shift in tone to Goulding’s music, with...

In life and song, J. Cole tries to attain happiness

Caty Keene, IV Leader Columnist

November 6

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Editor’s Note: This article contains profanity. I stood in Tinley Park in a mass of other die-hard J.Cole fans, on a humid July night, for the 2015 Forest Hills Drive Tour. I had been to a couple concerts before, but J.Co...

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