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Lady Gaga turns tragedy into artistry with release of ARTPOP

Yessenia Nunez, A & E Columnist

December 5, 2013

Filed under A&E, Music

After suffering from a labral tear and what we now know, a broken hip, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel her Born This Way Ball earlier this year, leaving her little monsters and the Queen of Pop devastated. She was suffering with... Read more »

Digital Double-Edge

Daniel Cook, Columnist

October 17, 2013

Filed under A&E, Music

Since the inception of Napster, the world knew that the digital age would revolutionize music. I don’t mean electronic music --that’s a whole other animal, I’m talking about the distribution. Metallica... Read more »

Are you looking for an Icon For Hire?

Adam Hoye, Columnist

October 17, 2013

Filed under A&E, Music

Hey guys Adam back with another A&R for ya, this time on some actually personal great friends of mine based out of Decatur, Illinois area! Yes, this area has some local musicians that have made it big time besides, Billy Corgan,... Read more »

Lyrics provide meaning in music

Adam Hoye, A & E Columnist

September 25, 2013

Filed under A&E, Music

I have been a musician for over 27 years now, and I have been involved in the music industry for well over 19 years, working with bands such as Atreyu, BlessTheFall, Of Mice & Men and many more. I've worked such festivals... Read more »

Tips to update your music library

Tomasz Augustyniak, A & E Columnis

September 25, 2013

Filed under A&E, Music

Is your music library getting stale?  Is mainstream music disappointing you lately?  Wish you could find something upbeat and fun, without any of the bullshit jargon Miley Cyrus spills all over her songs? If you answered yes... Read more »

VMA performances reflect summer playlist

Michael Westerman

September 3, 2013

Filed under A&E, Music, TV

Watching this year’s VMA performances was like pressing shuffle on your summer playlist. All genres of mainstream music were represented from hip hop artists like Drake and Kendrick Lamar to pop stars like Katy Perry. All... Read more »