A look inside Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’


Official Photo from “Don’t Look Up” Netflix Page

Grace Spolec, IV Leader Columnist

Ironically, things are looking up for the film Don’t Look Up directed by Adam McKay featuring well-known actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and Jonah Hill, along with other famous performers. The film has been on Netflix’s Top Ten for seven weeks now. Full of suspense and comedy, Don’t Look Up deserves to be in the Top Ten.

Kate Dibiasky, played by Lawrence, is a quirky astronomy student at Michigan State University working toward her doctoral degree with the help of her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, played by DiCaprio. One night while celebrating, they discover a comet is headed straight toward Earth at a very fast speed.

These two actors do an absolutely amazing job at portraying their characters. DiCaprio, when off-screen, is well-known for his activism as he is very present with climate change and helping to save the Earth, which is why many people believe he executed this role so perfectly.

Some who watched the film believe that the comet is a metaphor for climate change. As stated, DiCaprio is well-known for his campaigns for climate change. Many believe climate change is not real or serious, similarly, those in the film, such as the roles Streep and Hill play, lack concern and are indifferent to the issue which is reflected by their reactions to the comet. This can make Don’t Look Up a little controversial.

In the film, there are many subtle remarks about how our modern society acts. While Dibiasky and Mindy try to tell the world that the comet is coming soon, people blow it off and do not take it seriously. Netflix originals tend to have these patterns. They will secretly put little stabs in their films that reflect society’s behavior, which either makes the audience love or hate them.

Crowds loved the witty and blunt humor in the film which made watching it so enjoyable. However, some believed it was “over the top” and “cringey,” the only way to form an opinion on it is to see it yourself.

I urge you to check out Don’t Look Up if you enjoy a good laugh and suspense.