Among Us is among us


Brianna Sloop, IV Leader Staff

Most people have probably already heard of the game Among Us. The popular game was developed and published by an American game studio called InnerSloth. It was released to the public on June 15, 2018; however, the game just recently became widely known, most likely due to influencers playing the game, and boredom due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

The online multiplayer game can be played with 4 to 10 players. The game takes place on a spaceship that needs to be prepared and fixed. The characters are supposed to be little astronauts, but they resemble colorful blobs with legs and a face shield. 

The participants in the game choose their nickname before entering a lobby either randomly or with a code. Once in the lobby the host can choose the settings and start the game when they have at least four players, while waiting for the game to start, players can choose different colors, and outfits.

As soon as the game begins the game randomly assigns players to either crewmate or an imposter. There can be one, two, or even up to three imposters at once, depending on what the game settings are set to. When players are assigned crewmates, their objective is to complete tasks and figure out who is the imposter. Crewmates can complete tasks, report bodies, and call emergency meetings. When players are assigned the role of an imposter, their goal is to sabotage and kill the crewmates without being caught, Imposters are able to kill, go through the vents, report bodies, fake tasks, and sabotage. 

As the imposter sabotages things the crewmates have to fix them before it is too late and they lose the game. Throughout the game, if you are killed by an imposter, you become a ghost. As a ghost you are invisible to everyone except other ghosts, you can still complete tasks except important things that have been sabotaged by the imposter. If someone finds a body they have the option to report the body, after the body is reported an emergency meeting is called and the players have a limited amount of time to discuss who they believe is the imposter and vote them out. Once you are killed you cannot speak to the remaining crewmates, however, you are able to communicate with other ghosts. 

Oftentimes the imposter throws off the rest of the crewmates by accusing someone else. Most times when someone is being excused other players state that the color is being “sus” which is short for suspicious. For example, while playing the game you would likely hear or read something along the lines of “White is sus” or “Black vented” to accuse someone of being the imposter.

Eventually, the game ends in either victory or defeat. If the crewmates complete their tasks or find out who the imposter is they win the game. However, if they do not finish all the tasks before the imposter kills everyone, or if they vote out too many of their own people the game will end and the imposters will win the game. This game has brought many people together and brings joy to those interested.