Dames at Sea


Performed by a ship-shaped, enjoyable, and extremely charming cast, IVCC’s “Dames at Sea” was a complete success.

Under the leadership of Don Zellmer and Norm Engstrom the show paraded energy and ecstatic flare.

The musical was performed in the St. Bede Academy little theatre, and the size of the theatre seemed perfectly matched with the show’s essence and incredibly fun spirit. The theatre allowed the cast to develop a more intimate setting with the audience to present the comedic lines and romantic atmosphere of “Dames at Sea.”

When Don Zellmer exclaimed that the show was to be “a silly and flat out fun comedy spoof,” he was not kidding.

The upbeat musical numbers, along with some rather entertaining tap dances, were extremely captivating and the constant comedic flare added an enjoyable experience overall.

Even though it was a rather small cast, the individual characters all presented their singing, dancing, and acting very confidently.

The two-piece pit orchestra exceeded my expectations, as they proved to be fit for the show, and the volume of sound they gave off blended very nicely with the cast.

I enjoyed the various types of “stereotypical” characters that everyone in the audience, including myself, could relate to: “the reigning Broadway diva, the girl who always wanted to “make it big,” the tough chorus girl, the strongly opinionated backstage boss, and the singer/songwriter sailor with his dumb side-kick.”

After the show I had the chance to ask a few members from the audience for some feedback about the performance:

Audience member Morgan Bosnich said, “The entire show was entertaining, and my favorite thing about it was the tap-dancing.”

Audience member Kaitlin Raineri exclaimed, “The creativeness and humor brought the show to life.”

Audience member Brother Luke said, “The fact that they all got really into their characters, and that is only took them 5 weeks is astounding.”

The consistent vibe of celebration allowed the audience to react and feel a part of the experience. “Dames at Sea” gave off infectious fun that allowed many others and I to have an exciting and pleasurable night! Whether it was high tide or low tide “Dames at Sea” anchored its way to a captivating performance every night.