Tips for the New and Returning Student

Miriam Hoffman, Assistant Editor

August 29, 2019

Are you new to college? Has it been a long summer? Or, are you just looking to start off this year better and stronger than ever before? No matter the case, we’ve got some tips for you. Whether you’re in classes every day...



October 12, 2017

Study tips for finals

Rachel Einhaus, Assistant Opinion Editor

April 27, 2017

Many people know that students can study in different ways. Some students are more visual learners and others learn by just hearing the information. Here is my 5-step guide on how to efficiently study for our upcoming exams. First,...

Sing your way through the remainder of the school year

Aelsa Butler, IV Leader Culture Editor

April 7, 2016

Spring break is over, and there are just under six weeks of school left. These next weeks will fly by; soon we’ll be at finals and then graduation, and suddenly, our school year is gone. While the weeks may go by quickly, they...

Tips to update your music library

Tomasz Augustyniak, A & E Columnis

September 25, 2013

Is your music library getting stale?  Is mainstream music disappointing you lately?  Wish you could find something upbeat and fun, without any of the bullshit jargon Miley Cyrus spills all over her songs? If you answered yes...

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