2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Ryan Grieves Staff Writer See Ryan Grieves’s profile
See Ryan Grieves’s profile
Reid Tomasson Staff Writer See Reid Tomasson’s profile
See Reid Tomasson’s profile
Raina Murdock Staff Writer See Raina Murdock’s profile
See Raina Murdock’s profile
Leah Meyers Staff Writer See Leah Meyers’s profile
See Leah Meyers’s profile
Samuel May Staff Writer See Samuel May’s profile
See Samuel May’s profile
Hallie Hellman Staff Writer See Hallie Hellman’s profile
See Hallie Hellman’s profile
Caelyn Maltby Staff Writer See Caelyn Maltby’s profile
See Caelyn Maltby’s profile
Jacob Kinsella Staff Columnist See Jacob Kinsella’s profile
See Jacob Kinsella’s profile
Kaed Wisneski Staff Columnist See Kaed Wisneski’s profile
See Kaed Wisneski’s profile
Anulika Ochuba Staff Writer See Anulika Ochuba’s profile
See Anulika Ochuba’s profile
Reginald Loury Staff writer See Reginald Loury’s profile
See Reginald Loury’s profile
Hope Beelman Staff Writer See Hope Beelman’s profile
See Hope Beelman’s profile
Brianna Sloop Staff Writer See Brianna Sloop’s profile
See Brianna Sloop’s profile
Alec Lockwood Graphic Designer See Alec Lockwood’s profile
See Alec Lockwood’s profile
Iggy Lueck Assistant Editor See Iggy Lueck’s profile
See Iggy Lueck’s profile
Pumi Maphumulo Staff Writer See Pumi Maphumulo’s profile
See Pumi Maphumulo’s profile
Grace Sparling Staff Writer See Grace Sparling’s profile
See Grace Sparling’s profile
Justice Petersen Editor See Justice Petersen’s profile
See Justice Petersen’s profile
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