Campus literary magazine hosts release party

Maddi Loiselle and Stephanie Bias

May 3, 2017

 IVCC's literary magazine celebrated its release party April 27. The event honored the book contributors, winners of the IVCC Creates contest and the Sigma Kappa Delta poetry contest winners. The organization displayed the artwork pu...

Meet the Candidates

Rachel Einhaus and Morgan Taylor

March 23, 2017

With only three positions open and four candidates, this year's election for board of trustees is expected to be a close race. The four candidates have several ideas that...

Look for positive role models to learn who you will become

Savanna Weitzel, IV Leader Copy Editor

January 27, 2017

In one way or another, the way you conduct your life is entirely due to the types of role models you have spent the most time with. Whether these role models are friends, parents, guardians or much older siblings, in my opinion...

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