Adele solidifies her return with release of ‘25’

Aris Showers, Opinion Editor

January 28, 2016

Soul singer Adele is back in the spotlight after a four-year hiatus with her brand new album “25.” The singer is breaking records on the Billboard charts and inspiring fans. The Billboard charts have steadily tracked Adele’s...

New semester begins with class resolutions

Aris Showers, Opinion Editor

January 28, 2016

As the new year rolled in, so did new semester resolutions. College students should start the semester with a set of goals for each class. Resolutions will help target goals and keep the energy to achieve it. The most helpful...

IVCC, organizations seek to strengthen diversity

Aris Showers, IV Leader Opinion Editor

October 15, 2015

The phrase “lack of diversity” is a term that’s commonly used on college campuses. The phrase is used when there isn’t enough of something. Some colleges tend to lack certain racial groups or interactions between different...

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