‘The Most Wonderful Time of The Year’ offered

December 5, 2013

The semester is not over yet, but the days left are slowly dwindling away. This is just one more reason to hurry and get involved before the semester is finally over! This is your last chance to see Show Choir and Choir at its...

Lady Gaga turns tragedy into artistry with release of ARTPOP

Yessenia Nunez, A & E Columnist

December 5, 2013

After suffering from a labral tear and what we now know, a broken hip, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel her Born This Way Ball earlier this year, leaving her little monsters and the Queen of Pop devastated. She was suffering with...

‘Thor: The Dark World’ satisfies moviegoers

Nadia Churchil-gilstrap, A & E Columnist

December 5, 2013

From Norse gods to research scientists and from alien realms to London, England. Thor: The Dark World has it all.  Two different worlds must band together to prevent the impending apocalypse of the entire universe. This movie...

Doors of perception: Think before you speak

Jake Stricklin, IV Leader Staff

December 5, 2013

We as a nation are facing a very serious problem. Our cultural concept of the ideal person is a severely twisted image, and it’s taking its toll on society. It makes us strive to become something we are not and instills insecurity...

Counselor Corner: Where are you going?

Tracy Morris, Associate Vice President of Student Services

December 5, 2013

In September, Diana Nyad completed a goal that she had worked towards for over 30 years — swimming from Cuba to Florida. Her first attempt was in 1978 and she completed the goal in 2013. Think about that — working towards...

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